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'The T' Talk Show is an international talk show that discusses topics surrounding fashion, relationships, health and beauty, religion and politics from a female perspective.  Each week these five ladies will lend their personal perspectives on a  variety of issues that people of the Caribbean experience. Aziza Furbert,  a stay at home mother of two; Teneika Eve, college lecturer and Chef; Patricia Pogson-Nesbitt, Director of Performances and high school Drama Teacher; Kristin White, a free spirited entrepreneur; Marlene Juliet Flynn , active church member and corporate administrator.

Due to the lack of diversity throughout international media platforms, this program intends to represent a  broader view on a wide spectrum of issues plaguing our society from an Afro-Caribbean perspective.  After experiencing a new found awareness gained through healthy dialogue from the host of 'The T',  we hope viewers begin to see and understand things from a different point of view.

"World - get ready to see things from a new perspective"


We want your input on these topics!

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